Pricing and What’s Included

We offer flat rates for our recurring customers!

We use the total number of bedrooms/offices in your home to gauge the size

1 Bedroom

Entire Home Flat Rate

Supplies Included

2 Bedroom

Entire Home Flat Rate

Supplies Included

3 Bedroom

Entire Home Flat Rate

Supplies Included

4 Bedroom

Entire Home Flat Rate

Supplies Included

5 Bedroom

Entire Home Flat Rate

Supplies Included

Add Ons

ServicesSpruce UpDeep Clean
Inside Empty Kitchen Cabinets3030
Inside Refrigerator2525
Inside Oven2525
Kitchen Combo (Fridge, Oven, Cabinets)6565
Interior Windows4040
Finished Basement4040
  • Please Note: For extra large/dirty homes we will require an hourly rate the first clean

What’s included with your flat rate clean πŸ™‚

Every Room

ServicesSpruce UpDeep Clean
Empty Trash Cans
Vacuum Carpet
Sweep & Mop Floors
Clean Mirrors
Dust Accessible Surfaces
Cobweb Removal
Baseboard Detail
Detail Doors/Frames
Wipe Ceiling Fans
Excessive Grime/Pet Hair Removal
Clean Light Switches
Dust Blinds (not wash)


ServicesSpruce UpDeep Clean
Stove Top
Wipe Large Appliance Exteriors
Clean Microwave
Fill & Run Dishwasher


ServicesSpruce UpDeep Clean
Scrub & clean toilets
Scrub & clean showers
Scrub & clean sinks

Living Areas

ServicesSpruce UpDeep Clean
Dust Furniture & Decorations
Make Up Bed
Vacuum Furniture

What we don’t do

Homes with bugs or rodents
Dishes, pots, pans



Blood, feces, pet waste, chemicals

Move furniture or appliances


No Hidden Fees

With our flat pricing, what you see is what you pay! Also, have a peace of mind booking using 256-bit encryption, so your sensitive information is kept safe.


Insured and Bonded

All of our cleaning teams are Cardinal certified, and of course insured and bonded. We vet our cleaners so you don’t have to.


Seamless Booking

With our booking system, you can book in less than 60 seconds. Also, you can use our members account to schedule recurring cleaning, manage billing info and put in special requests.

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